SYS High quality ultra clear Architectural U-Shaped Glass also named U-channel glass 2-19MM

Introduction Of Uglass and method of Installing

A Popular daylighting system for interior or exterior glass walls, channel glass (also called as

U-profile glass or uglass) - such as “SHUAIQI” (SQ type) U-Profile glass - provides a sleek, modern commercial or industrial buildings and homes. The glass is available in a variety of specifications ,allowing for the passage of natural light without loss of privacy. This very versatile product can beinstalled vertically or horizontally and is available in lengths up to 23 feet, with filming options available to meet impact safety requirements.


SQ type U-profile glass is a new type of shaped glass used on wall system.It is featured by good lighting, heat insulation and preservation, sound insulation and noise ,tall and straight,delicate and pretty,easy and smooth in lines.Also, it is convenient to install and has unique decorration results.

The U-profile glass is widely applied to the construction of vuiledings,from interior walls and exterior walls,partitions and balcony corridors, to the roofs and other auxiliary buildings.

The product has reached the standardized requirements and has been assessed as qualified product by the State Glass Quality Supervision and Inspection Center that has inspected the product in terms of 17 indexes such as the dimension, appearance quality, bending strength and transparency, etc.

U-profile glass is an new and unique kind of construction glass, enjoying over 40 years history of production and applications. Thanks to its U shaped section, its mechanical strength is higher than ordinary plating glass. It has much advantages such as ideal light transmission, good sound insulation, excellent heat insulation, reservation and convenient installation. This product is the first-choice construction material for interior walls, exterior walls, partitions, roofs and windows etc. Using U-profile glass, a lot of metal materials can be saved.

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